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Darrell A. Cador causally began writing short stories in 1999. The following year Darrell gave serious consideration to novel writing following his wife Jacqueline’s suggestion to, “…extend some of these stories...”
During the Spring of 2001 Darrell met Tyuan Rice, husband of noted author Patty Rice (Reinventing The Woman; Somethin’ Extra). In sharing his desire of becoming a novelist with the Rices Darrell received much encouragement and valued advice, which served as confirmation of his own wife’s suggestion.
In May of 2006 Darrell released his debut novel When Seasons Change followed by his second novel, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find in 2007. At present Darrell is putting the finishing touches on several dynamic stage play scripts with film and songwriting projects just on the horizon. A native Washingtonian, Darrell now resides in Mount Rainier, Md. with his wife and five children.

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